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A Scary Journey

Delirios de Penny Lane a las 1:21

One dark night I was driving along a quiet road when my car stucked in the mud. Well... it could be worst but my bad luck was appearing.
I mast try to fix it. I told  myself and got out of the car. Just then I realized that rain was worst than it seems sitting dry and comfortable inside of a gorgeous car. I got really wet, was freezing! I have to remembered myself why I was trying to fix a car -when I don’t understand anything about cars- under the cold rain.

Finally I gived up, wasen’t working and like last resource I always can walk, right? Just when I was opening the car door, I saw a branch coming out of nowhere right to me. I closed my eyes thinking that my bad luck was working again. The pain un my left arm bring me back to reality. Now I was scared, hurt, cold, and complety wet. I look at the sky to scream my mysery when I saw a hopeful light, was the witched house, so him! I ran full speed ahead, there was a horrible dog barking me like saying Welcome Miss. 

I had no time for a dog, I just wanted to saw him, so I opened the door and imiadiatly felt a deja vu sensation. The house seems from the XIX century, like I always wanted one.
But wait, where was him? And where was the romanticism that a place like this diserves? I closed the door behind me watching everything. There was dust every where, no candels, no roses or any other  flower, no dinner with an expensive champain...
This most be a joke, I thought seeing an old victorian chair. A door being opened alerted me. I heard steps behind me, cutting the sepulchral silence of my dream house. I close my eyes and my breathing became irregular. I was scared for the unknown creature behind me.
Will that eat me? Cut me in small pieces and bring them to the nasty dog or something crazy like that?
I heard another step, now I can feel the warm in my back, I haven’t any chance to scape now. My legs weren’t conected to my brain, I was frozen in any posibly way. I felt it closer and closer. My heart was running full of speed.
It’s my time, I thought and finally felt it, a couple of arms inclosed me. Impetuosly I scream out of loud even when I knew that nobody lived around the witched house and the storm will hide any sound.
-Happy anniversary, sweet heart!- I hear Mark saying.
-OH! Wha.. Bloody hell! I thought I will die moroun- I yelled him, I could feel the angry growing up inside me. –What the hell where you thinking?
-I love you too, honey.- He avoid me with a perfect smile.
-Answer-. I teel him, putting the resentment that I wasn’t feeling anymore in my eyes
-Oh Gina, sorry. I just wanna sorprise you
-Certanly you did it-. I said looking around
-Oh, come on! you know you can’t be mad at me so kiss me and shut up.-He said lovely before put his lips over mine.
            He was right, his warm make me forget the arm cut, the cold, the damn car and how wet I was.

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Yezii!!! on 26 de diciembre de 2011, 14:21 dijo...

Me encanta me encanta tu diseño nuevo!!!! ss una genia Penny!!! jej!! besitos amiguchacha!!!

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